ISK (english version)

The ISK (International Schakelklas) is housed in the schoolbuilding in Harmen Sytstrastraat in Sneek and provides education for non-native pupils in the ages of 12 to 18 who have no, or hardly any command of the Dutch language so that they are as yet unable to join the regular education system.

The educational goal of the “Internationale Schakelklas) is to prepare pupils to be able to attend either “VMBO” (preparatory secondary vocational education), the upper forms of “HAVO” or “VWO” (senior general secondary education or pre-university education) or “MBO” (secondary vocational education). Apart from learning Dutch the lessons focus on naturalizing in the Netherlands. This means that the pupils are taught in both the Dutch language as in the Dutch habits and customs so they wil learn to function independently in our society. Moreover, these students attend classes in mathematics/ Information Technology, English, Physical Education, visual arts, man and society and interactive skills/drama. Depending on their abilities and preliminary education the pupils need one and a half to three years before being able to finish secondary education successfully.

Our ambition is to deliver tailor-made education for each pupil. We do this by using contemporary tests and methods and to attune the subjects we offer to the level of the pupil. A group consists of 15 pupils and special attention is paid to a safe living and learning environment. After school pupils can do their homework in a special homework class. The ISK healthcare team can offer extra help and guidance and refer a pupil to, for instance, welfare work or the school doctor.

Registering for ISK

It is possible to register pupils and to take on pupils throughout the year. The registration will take place by contacting the school. Then an interview on admission to the school will follow. If necessary and possible, the pupil may have to take a number of tests. That is how pupils can enter the right type of education and the right year.

The ISK has three types of education and two groups: the intermediate group and the advanced group. Illiterate pupils and pupils not accustomed to our Latin alphabet will have to be taught how to read and write in our Western alphabet before they can be placed in an educational curriculum. We use the curricula and types of education as LOWAN (National organisation for education for new entrants) has formulated.


ISK Sneek
Harmen Sytstrastraat 1b
Phone number: 0515-439596
Mail: [email protected]

Cora van der Haar
Phonenumber: 0515-439882
Mail: [email protected]

Theresia Zeinstra
Phonenumber: 0515-439596
Mail: [email protected]

Bauke Wester / Osama Alhussein
Phonenumber: 06-47547431


If you have a question or want to know more about the ISK, please mail Theresia Zeinstra, mailadres: [email protected]